Legendary custom car builder/designer/collector Jay Ohrberg is proud to welcome you to Jay Ohrberg’s Hollywood Cars.


Jay Ohrberg, a unique member of the Hollywood community, is unsurpassed in the fields of automotive design and craftsmanship.  He has created some of the most famous and spectacular vehicles on the large and small screens alike.  Additionally, he has earned the title “The King of Show Cars” for his abilities as an experimental builder and imaginative designer of specialty show cars.  Jay is also a preeminent collector of the cars that inspired him in his own career.

Jay’s collection features some of the most recognizable and unique cars ever used in the entertainment industry.  These vehicles, both created and/or collected by Jay, have been seen in more than 100 movies, TV shows and videos.  At the top of his achievements, Jay was responsible for designing and building the vehicles featured in the blockbuster film Batman Returns. His many other creations include such well-known cars as “Knight Rider,” the Back to the Future cars, RoboCop cars,“Taco Bell” TV commercial cars, and most recently the Flintstones’ cars.  In addition, Jay has designed and built over 500 experimental vehicles with and incredible range of features.  The "Pink Panther Limo", the “Piano Show Car”, “Bathtub Car”, and “The American Dream”, a Cadillac limousine measuring 100 feet from bumper to bumper, listed as “The Longest Car in the World” in the Guiness Book of World Records.

All of the more than 500 Specialty vehicles to Jay’s design and craftsmanship credit are one of a kind.  As “King of Show Cars”, his cars have been displayed in more than thirty countries around the world.  His talents do not stop there, however; he is also a Hollywood stuntman, a member of the Screen Actors Guild, appeared in four episodes of the TV series "Knight Rider", a race car driver and an automotive and race car technical advisor.

Coverage of Jay’s remarkable career include seven guest appearances on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, two spots on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”, and many appearances on the “Super Dave TV Show.”  He has been featured on “PM Magazine”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “Superchargers” and “Wild about Wheels.”

Jay’s automotive career spans the course of his life.At an early age he began “…tinkering with cars, trying to find out what made ‘em tick.”Like his classmates, Jay enjoyed the hobby of Hot-Rodding throughout his high school days, but he wasn’t content with simply owning and driving a “rod”; instead, he had to build his own car to be satisfied with the structural integrity, overall appearance and performance.

Jay’s greatest love has always been experimentation.  As he says it, “From the time a vehicle first appears on the drawing board, up through building it and adding the finishing touches, I can apply am endless variety of features which make the unit unique and outstanding, usually a pacesetter.”This creative impulse has expressed itself in the design and building of a line of customized cars that are visually and structurally innovative.Jay believes, “What better way to test innovative engineering features than through the design, development and construction of custom-built cars.”Jay’s imagination applies to the science as well as the art of car building, “My cars are functional; they are more than design exercises, for the cars and features on them are always operational.”

Jay’s interest in cars has never waned, and through the years, Jay has extended his skills to apply to a variety of endeavors, including custom cars and his own company which manufactured automotive specialty components and accessories.  Today, Jay is looking to the near future, when he plans to open a permanent museum that will showcase his creations and acquisitions, many of which are currently on display on the “Hollywood Cars” world tour.

Jay has made several of his attention grabbing cars available for hire in the continental US and Canada.These cars are perfect for promoting your business by drawing a crowd of spectators.Jay’s cars are perfect for Shopping Malls, Grand Openings, Casinos, Fairs, Parades, Trade Shows, Car Shows, Car Dealerships, Move Theaters, Video Stores, and just about anywhere else that you want to draw a crowd.Jay’s cars are also available for use in Movies, TV, music videos, and commercials. 

Additionally Jay Ohrberg continues to build custom car and replicas of famous cars for customers all over the world.  So if you need a custom car or replica don't trust your hard earned money to just any fly-by-night builder who make claims but can't back them up.   Jay has built more movie Batmobiles then anyone.  


Jay in Barcelona Spain (w/100 Limo)

Jay in the TV Batmobile with the Monkee's car close behind

Jay with Burt Ward

Jay with Marilyn (sort of)

Jay with Robo Cop

Jay with Nicole Eggert and Josie Davis (Charles in Charge)

Nye Ohrberg with Andrew Dice Clay

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