1989 Batmobile

The following pictures are of the original 1989 Batmobile.  Jay was at the dock to pick up this wonderful car when it arrived from England.  Jay was quite surprised to find that it was not shipped in a container but rather just sitting on deck with it's car cover. 

One of the original builders came over to teach Jay how to operate all the gadgets.

That included how to operate the turbine's flame thrower.

Jay delivered the amazing car to WB producer, John Peter's home.

Fun Fact:  When Jay built the Six Flags theme park versions of this car he narrowed the rear quarters about 4" on each side to allow the car to be transported easier.  This picture clearly shows the problem with the width of the original car. The rear tires and quarters are over the outside rails of even this professional car transporter.

In Japan for a promotional event.

More to come.

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