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**Barber Car

**Bathtub Car

**Ben-Hur Chariot

**Bing Crosby Golf Cart

**Bob Hope Golf Cart

Boothill Express

**Bunk Bed Car

Calico Surfer

**Camel Car

**Canon Camera Car

**Charlie Chaplin Tribute Car

**Dinosaur Truck

Druid Princess

**Elton John Golf Cart

**Elvis Presley Tribute Car

**Gangster Car


**Helicopter Car


**James Dean Tribute  


Las Vegas Dice     

**Lincoln Futura

**Marilyn Monroe Tribute Car

**Martian Spider

Mega-Cycle Truck 

Milk Truck

Mini-Too Much

Mississippi Riverboat Car

Monster Cycle

The Outhouse Car

The Pac-Man

The Pepsi Car

**The Piano Car


**The Pool Table Car

**The Rabbit Car

The Roach Koach

The Roller Skate Car

Sand Draggin'

Sex Machine

**Shark Car


**Snake Pit

Soul Train

**Speedy's Cheeze Wedge 

**Stage Freight 

**Stormin’ Norman

**Super Van


Taco-Bell Car

Turnpike Hauler

**Wine Truck

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