Knight Rider Super Pursuit Mode K.I.T.T. 

Created for the 4th and final season of Knight Rider, this version of K.I.T.T. featured a ton of new gadgets.  Super Pursuit Mode and the Emergency Braking Systems were added. 

Original Build photos:

In September of 2007 Jay decided that it was time to recreate the SPM K.I.T.T.  Jay hopes to complete the car by the end of the year.  The following are the progress photos. 

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4th Season nose for sale $400

One TV dash $400 each


Driver side fender

Passenger side fender

Side Scoops

The Wing

The Hatch

The Front

A mold was taken of the roof t allow us to make a mock roof to house the EBS panel.

We finally got around to cutting the rear quarter panels for the EBS system.  We still have a lot of work to do in this area.

Updated Feb 2008

We are almost finished with this project.  We hope to have it on display in the museum in the near future.

Look for new pictures in the near future as we finish up on Jay Ohrberg's K.I.T.T. SPM.

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