Betting Advice for the Albert Sosnowski V Paolo Vidoz Fight

The upcoming fight between Albert Sosnowski and Paolo Vidoz is going to be one of the final fights shown on British TV in 2009 so for boxing fans all over the country it’s going to be one of the final chances to put money on the sport that pits man v man in direct combat. With that in mind lets look at some of the odds available and give ourselves an early Christmas present with thanks to one of the greatest sports out there. The feeling within the boxing community is that Vidoz is having his last blast at the sport and aged 39 this could well be his final fight win lose or draw, though having won his last fight back in March some may feel he still has something left. Sosnowski on the other hand seems to finally be reaching his potential though was arguably robbed the last time he met an Italian (in April of this year against Francesco Pianeta).

With everything in mind lets look at the odds on the fight, the book makers make Sosnowski, a veteran of 47 fights (44 wins, 2 losses 1 draw with 27KO’s) the heavy favourite. Skybet have the British based Pole as a 1/3 favourite though it’ll be a better move to wait and see how he is on the betfair and betdaq exchanges just before the fight rather than putting money on it now. 9 years younger and with plenty to get from winning the European title the hunger will most certainly favour him and the prices on the spreads is bound to increase before the fight. Vidoz is 3/1 with Paddy Power and Stan James though again he is likely to increase on the spreads from the 261/100 that he is at the time of writing.

The method of victory is always worth looking at in regards to bets and at evens for Sosnowski to stop Vidoz there is certain value there though Skybet have Sosnowski at 6/5 for now that’s worth jumping on. Vidoz is several years past his best and almost a year to the day that he was beaten by Matt Skelton (retirement after 9 rounds) he won’t be wanting to have a hard nights work, so what is likely is that this is a final pay day for the Italian and he may well be happy to take an early exit. Vidoz was a talented boxer and the 6/1 (Ladbrokes) that is being offered on a Vidoz points victory would have looked nice a few years back I’d have to say stay away. Sosnowski can be out boxed, Zuri Lawrence did it (in fact he did it to the pair of them) but Vidoz can’t keep the sort of pace needed for 12 rounds against the hard working Brit.

Skybet have a nice range of other bets (due to the fact Sky Sports 2 is showing it live) they offer 6/5 on the fight going the distance (either fighter to win on points) as do Ladbrokes though with Betfair having a market on it, it could be worth just waiting and seeing how that one goes. However it’s the bet going the other way that is much more worthy of your time, 8/13 is the price on the fight not going the distance (Ladbrokes) Skybet offering 9/2 on it ending in rounds 10-12 seem to be the pick of the bets though maybe “Dutch” it with the 7/2 that is being offered on round 7-9 as Sosnowski doesn’t hit hard enough to immediately discourage Vidoz. However with Vidoz so far gone it may be a better idea to just get on 30 year old for those rounds, Bet365 are offering 5/1 on 7-9 and 11/2 on 10-12 (round group bets).

The over/under market seems to depend on the Bookies you look at with 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 rounds covered. One of the best bets available is 11/10 with Boylesports on under 9.5, though the over 7.5 rounds ½ (SkyBet) looks to be the safest bet out there in regards to the rounds but they can’t provide the customer with tips and tricks and not even with the expert advise which is really helpful in selection of the right amount which Sbobet always do.

The exact method of victory is a market that Skybet are offering a couple making note of are the 20/1 on offerer for Sosnowski to win by Retirement and the 15/8 on offer for Sosnowski by TKO. They are the two that are likely though it’s the same market that has the turkey’s of the fight Vidoz by split decision at 12/1 is incredibly unlikely in the UK so ignore that one and the majority decision at 40/1 they aren’t going to happen.