Can The Online Poker Software Cheat

This article is not going to be highly analytical but is still interesting. A very common topic among online poker players is whether the software is cheating or not? The players who lose tend to say the program cheats because they want to keep the beginner players in the game. The professionals say it does not matter what the software does because poker is about reading skills and bluffs.

Until the recent months I also believed software do not influence anything. However, what is lately happening is getting “funny”. People do search in need for best free online casinos that are verified and trusted by the players. Not all websites are suitable to play because of the fraud tradition that is taking place. It is normal that when I have KK I either run into AA or lose bad time. Any preflop all-in against my KK wins. TT, 66, AJ, it does not really matter what they have. They just hit! But the last time was the best. I raised from late position with KK and the big blind reraised. I pushed all-in and he quickly called. He had 96 suited. Flop: 995, turn: 6… No comment. And the software helped such an idiot again. I mean there are bad streaks of course. Although sometime these streaks should end! Maybe in another lifetime I can win with KK.

The coinflips are the same. I lost at least 10-15 in a row. It does not matter if I had the AK or the pair. It always ended up the bad way. Even better when I go all-in with AK and get called with AQ. I would be surprised if once a K came on flop and not a Q. Or nothing (no K or Q) is also a nice option once in a while.

When someone says such things do not happen live the other side says: yeah, but in live poker there are a lot fewer hands in the same time period. While that is also true, just jokes have not happen to me in live games. KK vs. 96… I thought finally an all-in that I cannot lose. Well, I learned again: first wait what comes on the board and only then celebrate!

What can you learn from this article? Not much. I only advise you to take poker as a free time activity and do not make your life dependent on a revenue where the software decides a lot of money.

It might be the right time for me as well to play tournaments again, a bad beat there does not have such an effect on my bankroll.

In case you are not registered on poker sites, you can decide for yourself whether the software cheats or not. Either way, take great rakeback offers from the market.