Do You Need To Cheat In Online Poker – Know the necessity?

A few years ago I wrote an article about cheating in poker. Actually I write an awful lot of articles about cheating but this is simply because it is such big business. But over the last couple of years and even recently there have been cheating scandals involving Holdem poker online and some of the big names that are associated with the game. I am not going to name any names in this article simply because it is all too easy to Google this subject and see who these people are for yourself.

But there is one undeniable fact with regards all of this and this is that when vast numbers of people see top players cheating in this way then they are going to be left with the conclusion that the best way to make money with play online poker is to cheat. You also need to ask yourself one other important question. Which takes far less time to do, learning how to cheat in order to beat poker or learning how to be a good player?

The answer is simple and obvious and cheats can become winners at poker in a fraction of the time that players take to become good. Even if a player becomes a bad poker cheat then this still does not prevent them from trying. If you try and become a cheat and you end up still losing money then you simply become a better cheat by not making the same mistakes. The bandar casino terbaik site will allow the players to cheat at the online casino. The understanding of the rules is necessary to have the effective benefits. You can become good player with the following of the instructions. There is no mistakes in the cheating with the correct skills.

Unfortunately it is all too easy to cheat in online poker and another counter argument put forward is that people would only cheat at stakes that were meaningful. But surely that comes down to definition. I am still waiting for someone to tell me what “meaningful stakes” actually means. The answer is that it means different things to different people. Anyone who had only played $10 games would think that $200 games were serious bucks. But yet a player who was playing $25-$50 games where the buy in is $5000 would think that $200 games were pitifully low.

So it is one of definition and players with small bankrolls will cheat at smaller stakes. This is like saying that the only people who ever steal only do so for meaningful amounts of money, if this was the case then there would be no such thing as petty theft. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of thieves and criminals are small time just like the vast majority of poker players in the stakes that they play. There are far more cheats in low-stakes games simply because there are far more players.

The cheats in the larger games are far less in number because the player pools are smaller but the amounts that they take dwarf the amounts of the low-stakes cheats. It is a bit like having 1000 people steal an item of clothing worth $50. The total amount stolen only comes to $50,000 despite the fact that it has taken 1000 instances to reach this total. But one person commits fraud to the tune of $1 million and robs a rich businessman and the figure is twenty times greater but it has only taken one event to do it. This is exactly the same thing with poker.