How to Chat with People in Farm Town

In this guide, I will show you the different ways to chat with people in Farm Town. There are a couple of different ways to chat with people. You can chat with people by sending them private messages. You can talk with them, using the chat box at the bottom of your screen. You can also chat with them by using the main chat box in Facebook. I will show you how to chat with other Farm Town neighbors and buddies in this guide.

Chatting Privately with People in Farm Town

You can chat privately with people so that no one else can see your conversation. To chat privately, click on the person you want to chat with. Then click the Private Chat link in the menu that opens. A box will open and you will need to type what you want in that box. Then click the checkmark to send it. You can chat privately with people in your farm, with people in the market place, with people in the inn, with people in the realtor, and with people in their farms.

Using the Chat Box at the Bottom of your Window to Chat in Farm Town

At the bottom of your farm town window, you will see a chat box. It is behind your neighbors. If your neighbors are showing, you will need to click the Chat button on the far left. That will open the chat window. In this window, you can chat with who ever is in your farm or with people in the market place or the other public places. Whatever you say in this chat box, everyone else in the place can see your conversation. When you use this chat box, everything you say will be displayed above your head.

Chatting with People Using the Main Chat Box in Facebook

Just like when playing poker online games, communication is very important. With lot of other gamers who are also playing the game, it is important that you build your network and connection. This is because you can also learn from other players. You can ask for some tips and advice specially if you are a beginner.

Down at the bottom right corner of your browser, you will see a link that says Chat. You can click this link and a box will open. In the box, you can see all of your friends that are online. To chat with someone, double click their name. A chat box will open and you can chat with that person. No matter where you go on Facebook, this chat box will stay open. As with the other chat options, if you visit somewhere else, you will lose the conversation and the person you were having the conversation with.

Those are the three different ways to chat with people in Farm Town. You can also send people messages by clicking on the note on their farm or clicking on their icon and selecting the option of sending them a message.