How to Make a Poker Lover’s Gift Basket

Poker is one of the most popular card games ever invented. Poker enthusiasts love nothing more than getting together with several friends and passing the evening away playing this entertaining and sometimes very exciting card game. This article will tell you all you need to know to create a special Poker Lover’s Gift Basket for the Poker player in your life and daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya is also there to provide you assistance as well.

How To Make A Poker Lover’s Gift Basket: Choosing Your Basket. You will need to choose a gift basket that is at least medium in size for your Poker Lover’s Gift Basket. While many of the poker themed items that you are including in the gift basket are rather small in size, you will want to add some larger items to round out the basket and make it a very versatile and special gift. You can choose any round, square, or rectangle gift basket that is appealing to you. Baskets to use for your Poker Lover’s Gift Basket can be purchased at any craft or discount department store for just a few dollars. Thrift and Consignment stores also carry appropriate gift baskets in new condition.

How To Make A Poker Lover’s Gift Basket: Basket Filler. Before adding your gift items you will want to choose a basket filler to spread on the bottom of the gift basket and provide a nest for your gift basket items. Red and black tissue paper is a wonderful gift basket filler since those are the predominant colors on playing cards. You can also spread poker chips along the bottom of the gift basket or shred playing cards to use as a basket filler.

How To Make A Poker Lover’s Gift Basket: Gift Basket Items. Fill your poker lover’s gift basket with boxes of poker chips and several decks of playing cards. A small handheld electronic poker game and a guidebook on poker strategies and techniques are also wonderful ideas. A cute plastic visor is a fun and clever gift item as well as conjures up images of the stereotypical poker player. If your poker player enjoys a cigar while playing their favorite card game, several quality cigars will surely be appreciated. If your poker player enjoys drinking a beer or two during the poker game, an engraved beer glass with your poker player’s name will surely get plenty of use. To fill out the basket you can include several snack items such as individual bags of pretzels and chips as well as a small container of nuts to give your gift recipient a nice choice of snack items to nosh on during the game.

How To Make A Poker Lover’s Gift Basket: Personalizing Your Gift Basket. After filling your poker player’s gift basket, you can attach a note written on card stock with the words “Aces High!”, “Good Luck” or “Happy Poker” to the front of the gift basket.

With a little bit of time and creativity, you can create a wonderfully fun gift basket that your Poker player will just love.