My Confession – I’m A Betoholic!

I have a problem. My hobby is betting over the Internet. I´ve always liked betting, but when we got a broadband strong enough to upload all the betting sites available, that´s when my problem started for real! I got to know a lot about the scope of betting through 먹튀. Parbet was the first site to come across me, then came Bwin, Betsson, Betfair, Eurobet, Safebet, Nordicbet, Bet365, etc. etc……

I´m 37 years old today. Sports, especially soccer, has always been a big interest to me. I guess I placed my first, very small bet, at the age of 15 or so. At that time, there were no Internet, you placed your bets in an ordinary shop and you paid the bet in cash. Living in Sweden, I guess it wasn´t possible to get addicted in betting at the time. You could only place a bet when the shop was open. Sundays, for example, you could hardly place a bet….

My problems started about three years ago. I´ve always dreamed of making big money in doing something I´m good at. When I discovered betting over the Internet, my world changed quickly. I discovered that it was possible to make quick money just by placing a bet. My plans for the future was to get rich thanks to my skills as a bettor. Me and my family, we will never have any financial problems!! Not that we had financial problems at the time… On the opposite, we have always had a reasonable financial situation…

Quickly I became addicted to my new habit. I started to adjust my life after my betting. A normal bettor adjusts his betting after his life, betoholics don’t! I found reasons to decline social invitations, me and my family got isolated in that way. For me, nothing was more important than betting! At the same time, I´m very honest when I say that my goal has always been to make money to make me and my family happy! In that way, I don´t feel selfish….

Now I´ve slowly began to realise that I have a problem. I don´t even want to think about how much money I´ve placed in bets. All I know is that I´ve taken a loan for appr. 10 000 Euros, just to be able to cover my previous losses with new bets. These money are also gone now….

My family situation is still OK. When my fiancé discovered my loan, we had a crisis, but we´ve settled the situation now. I feel that I have control over the situation now. I truly regret my mistake, but I can´t make it undone. It has happened to me, and now I have to deal with it!

I know that my situation is not totally “out of course”. I´ve heard of people with millions in debts because of gambling. I´ve never been a casino- or pokergambler. I´m very glad over this, because I think that I would have been almost “suicidal” if that was the case….

My hobby is still sports. Nothing can change this. I´ve cancelled all my betting accounts except for one, where I still place some very small stake now and then, just for the fun of it! Maybe this is wrong. An alcoholic shouldn´t drink a single glass of alcohol after getting sober, maybe it´s the same with a betoholic?

I´m writing this in order to help other people in the same situation as myself! I want to tell other people that it´s not possible to make money on betting! Well, maybe it is actually. But it´s not possible for a person who gets a kick out of betting, a person like myself! I´ve won a lot of money over the last few years, but I´ve never been able to stop in time. When winning big, you have to spend to win more. You´re not happy with 100%, you want to win 200%, and you end up like a loser!

So please, be honest with yourself! If you feel that you can´t control your gambling at all times, DON´T GAMBLE!