Texas Hold-Em Poker: Know Your Position at the Table

One of the most important aspects of playing Poker Online, for instance, Texas Hold-em is table position. Knowledge of how to utilize the position at the table will win many pots. The goal is to take the pot down, and sometimes making a positional bet will do just that.

Let’s start with position one, the “small blind,” or (SB). The SB is the worst place on the table, and because of that, players will need a stronger hand. The “big Blind” is in position two, or (BB). Like the SB, this is one of the worst positions, the only positive thing about this spot is, the player is already in the hand unless someone raises the pot, then the hand requirements kick in.

Position three, four, and five are early positions, and with these positions, the basic strategy is to play only the premium hands. Most people will fold their hands unless they’re holding strong hands because they don’t know how the other players are going to act behind them.

The next positions are six, seven, and eight, also known as the middle position. When players are in these positions, they tend to bluff more and steal the blinds. These positions need strong hands to play, but players typically play strong to average strength hands. There will be other articles to discuss hand requirements.

Position nine is considered late position, and many amateurs will try to steal the blinds too much from this spot. It’s just too obvious, and good players will playback at the late raiser to keep them honest. In this spot, players have many options, and hand requirements can be weak, depending on what tactic they are trying to pull off.

We all know the “button” in Texas Hold-em. The best position on the table is the button. The button is the dealer’s position, and with the button, the player acts last. The button gets to see everyone on the table bet and fold. When the player acts last he will be privy to more information, thus, an easier decision to make.

When playing Texas Hold-em Poker, the players with the best positional knowledge, really know how to take down pots. It’s all about table positioning and knowing the players that act afterward. It’s common for great players to make money, and never even get a hand to play. They make money by playing people, positional poker, and making other players fold.