Texas Holdem Minimum Stacking – Know About The Playing Methods

These days all of the coaching sites and websites are preaching about the nuances of deep stacked no-limit Texas Holdem poker. But yet I have always maintained that deep stacked play takes an awful lot of experience to play well. If you lack the experience or the skill or whatever you want to call it then you will simply struggle to make money in deep stacked play. Let us say that you play 100 pots at NL200 and you raised and took the blinds in 98 of those hands without a contest.

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This sequence of hands would net you a total of $294 in total profit. But yet on the two hands that you lost then you made huge errors that cost you 100 big blinds on each occasion! This forced you to lose 200 bug blinds which is $400 and so over the space of 100 hands at no-limit Texas Holdem then you are a net loser to the tune of $106 which is just over $1/hand.

This is despite winning a colossal 98% of the pots played. These mistakes may have been difficult to spot and they usually are otherwise people wouldn’t make them. But what it does highlight is in how difficult no-limit Texas holdem poker can actually be. I have known many people and have heard of even more that were simply not beating the game no matter how hard they tried. This is almost certainly to do with the fact that you can easily find yourself in situations where you are winning lots and lots of tiny pots in no-limit but losing back huge pots.

There is a simple way around this for many players and that is to buy-in for the table minimum. If you buy in for the minimum then several strategic things are happening. The first is that the better players around your table are no longer able to outplay you. This fact highlights a huge flaw in Texas holdem in a no-limit setting. If a novice with minimal training can play almost on an even keel with a world class player then something somewhere has to be seriously wrong.

Skilled minimum stack players are essentially looking to get all-in either pre-flop or on the flop. What they are essentially doing is turning no-limit Texas Holdem into a one or two street game. They are taking away all possibility of making a deep stacked mistake as they are buying in for the minimum. They rarely get to see the two streets where deep stacked mistakes can be made which are the turn and the river.

If they do make a mistake like by getting all in with say Q-Q against A-A then it is not a huge mistake because they only had a maximum of 20 big blinds to begin with. Minimum stack players in no-limit Texas Holdem can be a real pain in the backside but they are here to stay and as the better player then you have to accept this fact and move on.