The Repercussions of Gambling

Gambling is a risky business, a dangerous game. Why? Simply because of the repercussions it brings to one who is ensnared by the lure of gambling especially if the positive expectation of winning is not achieved. What are these repercussions? When one loses money by gambling, the effects to the gambler could range from such negativities as committing theft to fund his financial loss to even committing suicide. For a gambler who’s a family man, the effect could be divorce as money almost instantaneously becomes an issue within his marriage if he keeps losing it to the betting game. For a business gambler, continued loss in gambling could lead to burgeoning debts or worse, insolvency.

Gambling, unbeknownst to the gambler, is as cunning as a fox. Advertisements in different media such as radio, television, hoardings and the internet convey flattering images of the promise of gambling – pots of gold, flashes of dollar bills – all communicated in a way as if winning in a gambling game is as easy as 1-2-3. What is left out of the picture is the fact that while a gambler’s chance of winning is uncertain, the chances of winning over the gambler’s money by gambling places are highly probable. The reason behind this is that gambling places such as the casino are designed to get the larger part of the deal. All of its features are designed to keep the gambler inside the casino for as long and as often as he has the dough. This only means that the bettor’s gambling only stops when he loses and the casino takes not only the bigger portion of every gambler’s lot but also every cent he’s got.

Other repercussions of gambling are related to drug usage and crime rate. A gambler who loses money in gambling will try to come up with means, even those that are illegal, to try to bring back what he lost or to try to cope with its effects. He will try to use drugs to cope with his depression from his financial loss, and from drug usage would spring more negativities such as physical abuse to those close to him like his family and friends and in extreme cases, even murderous crimes. 

Gambling surely can be a dangerous activity – at least the repercussions are – unless one has the willpower and discipline to avoid being enslaved by it. Hence, it is more recommended to just play some gambling games through Dominoqq where the chance of getting addicted is significantly low. Disciplined gambling or gambling in moderation is the ideal resolve to the inevitable danger that gambling entails when one falls in too deeply or becomes addicted. Disciplined gambling means that one is not easily lured every time a chance to gamble comes up.