Tight Aggressive Poker Vs Lose Aggressive Poker

As described in Determining a Poker Player Style, a tight-aggressive player tends to only enter a hand if they are willing to raise. Position and constant pressuring while making their opponents’ decision making extremely difficult is their bread and butter. There is more psychology with these players and they always try to mind fuck you when selling their story, even when they have nothing. They will apply mental pressure on every card and thrive to satisfy the thought of being better than you that hand. These players know that 9 out of 10 times when a player raises pre-flop they will follow up with a C-bet on the flop. Tight-aggressive players tend to have a selection of hands that beat the “best flop possible” for you. Be cautious of these players if this is not your play style, they aren’t the target for long-term win rate. If you want to learn how you can choose your target player, here’s the guide for you 바둑이사이트.

Tight-Aggressive Player vs. Loose-Aggressive Player

Once you’ve picked up that your villain is a loose-aggressive player you’ll find yourselves getting paid off, even when you normally shouldn’t. It is much easier to maximize your profit on marginal boards when playing against a loose-aggressive opponent. Loose-aggressive players tend to chase many draws and are known for the gunslinger mentality, all or nothing. This is a dream come true for the tight-aggressive player picking their spots to prey on the loose chips being tossed into the pot by the loose-aggressive player. Even if the loose-aggressive player wins the first pot or two from you, remember, in the long run, you will profit if you are patient.

Below is a video of Ship-It Poker using Tight-Aggressive player style and runs into a Loose-Aggressive player style

Benefits of Tight-Aggressive Style Player

These players tend to have more common knowledge of the game and use position, with aggression, to their advantage when involved in a pot. There is more psychology involved with this caliber of player. They think about multiple scenarios when involved in the hand. They’re also very difficult to put a read on when deciding whether to call or fold in big bet situations. Check out Poker Tells is having trouble catching a player’s body language they are giving off at the table. The most important thing to remember when playing the tight-aggressive role is to try to maximize with the best hand. It is easy to get excited and over-bet the pot, due to common tendencies from that style of play. Tight-aggressive players are best at picking spots in pots where “it would just make sense” for them to have their opponent beat. Use these benefits and this style of play for maximum value. When patient and running into a favorable poker style player matchup, you should have no problems profiting on your long-term Poker graph.

How to Play Against a Loose-Aggressive Player

The majority of the time when a loose-aggressive player loses a big pot and is left with few chips, they throw their remaining chips all-in the following hand. As a tight-aggressive player, you can expand your range when calling with marginal hands that are slightly above the average hand. (Average hand=Q-7/also known as the Internet hand). These players normally pay you off in spots that you normally wouldn’t get full value. Mostly when playing against loose-aggressive style, they will bet your hand for you, even if you have the nuts. This is your dream opponent if you can sit back and be patient. It will not be hard to catch those loose chips all at once, it just takes one favorable hand in which your hand will have to hold up or catch a big bluff for all of their chips.