Why Smart Live Casino Players Look For A European Roulette Wheel

As any smart live casino roulette player knows, there are two types of wheel used by most casinos. The American wheel, and the European roulette wheel (also known as the single-zero wheel, or French roulette wheel). The biggest difference between the two is the green pocket, or zero pocket. This is the what gives the edge to the house in the game of roulette. On the European style wheel, there is a single green pokect numbered with a zero, on the American wheel there are two green pockets, one numbered with a zero, and the other with a double zero (‘0′ and ’00’). The other difference is in the layout of the numbers.

Both wheels contain 36 numbers, but the American wheel the numbers are placed opposite each other, where as the European wheel is a more random layout. As a matter of opinion, some people perfer the symetrical appearance of the American wheel , but a smart live casino player would always look for the single zero European roulette wheel table, regardless of its appearance. Bandar Bola site will offer the desired winnings to the online bettors. The layout of the site and the betting table is impressive for the online bettors. The prediction of the outcome is the right one for the benefits of the online bettors. The opinion of the experts is necessary to get. 

The reason the European roulette wheel is heavily favoured by players is because of the house edge in the outside bets. Outside bets, or region bets, are the wagers placed on the outside part of the table. These are the red or black, odd or even type bets, and the bets on the areas of the table, such as the first or second half, first, second, or third columns, or results. The smart live casino player knows that these results are not fifty-fifty, or one in three, because the green zero is not included in these results

As the green pocket is not included, then essentially, even though your outside bets are based on thirty-six numbers, you are actually betting on thirty-seven different numbers on the European wheel, or thirty-eight on the american wheel. For example, you could place one token on odd numbers, and one token on right numbers, and not win anything! If the ball lands on the green pocket, then the house will get your stake. You have a one in 37 chance of not winning on any outside bet on a European wheel, and this increases to a 2 in 38 (or 1 in 19) chance of not winning on an American wheel. This is why the smart live casino player will look for a European roulette wheel every time!

Although it may not seem much, the chance of the house pocket turning up on an outside odd/even, or red/black bet increases from 2.70% to 5.26%. Or, to put it another way, your chances of winning would go from 16 in 37 to 16 in 38! You always want go find the lowest odds possible.

In order to minimise the house wins, and increase your chances of a win, be a smart live casino player, and always look for a table with a European roulette wheel. If you ever have a straight choice between the two, be smart, and avoid the increased house odds on the American table at all costs.