Working Out with Wii Fit – it Works!

I’ve had my Wii Fit for about a year now and am happy to say I’m getting my money’s worth. I try to use it three times per week for about 45 minutes to an hour each time. I have lost some weight, although not always hitting my two week goal, but that probably is due to my “snacking issue”, and not this work out video. It’s actually somewhat addictive and can be as challenging as you wish, with choices of workout modes. The Wii Fit uses a remote, nun-chuck and balance board.

To get started you are asked to create a personal profile. First you get to pick a cartoon like character and make it your own. They call it your Mii (pronounced me). You will be asked to enter your height and age. Not to worry, you can protect your Mii with a password if you wish. You will be instructed to step onto your balance board for your body test which measures your center of balance, important for overall health, your BMI, or body mass index, or how much fat you have on your body. I prefer the term, BMI. At this time you can have your Wii Fit age calculated. If it’s higher than your real age you know you have some real work to do. The cool thing about having all this information on your Wii Fit is that it stores it for you so you can set goals and see your progress every time you start a new workout. No paper, no pen, no notebook needed.

Now you begin your training. You choose from four categories; balance games, aerobics, yoga and strength training. You have the opportunity to choose a male or female “trainer”, to explain and encourage you. Each activity has a short demo on how it should be done. If you need to stop and start again there is a pause function which I find very convenient. After you finish one activity you will be given a score and have the opportunity to do it again or move on to another. As you go through the basics you acquire points which will allow you to open new activities so you won’t get bored doing the same routine over and over again.

Wii Fit records the goals you set for yourself and logs your progress with a graph. You even get credit for other types of exercise you do on your own. And it never makes you feel bad about yourself because you didn’t make a goal, or if you missed a few days.

Wii Fit is a small financial investment for long term use. The whole family can get involved. It can be entertainment for company too, remember you can protect your personal information with a password. And it’s very convenient, right in your own home.

An important point to mention is that the investment is worthy enough to give you excellent returns in the near future as Wii Fit is quite similar to Domino99 in structure but with an entirely different format akin to a movie adaptation of a novel.